Kubernetes for
Developer Teams

DevSpace enables everyone on your team to deploy,
debug and develop applications in Kubernetes.

Turn Kubernetes into a
Powerful Developer Platform

DevSpace allows developer teams to work together in shared Kubernetes clusters.

Simply add your team members and create isolated namespaces for different users and workloads.

Secure Isolation

Create isolated namespaces to separate users and workloads in shared Kubernetes clusters.

Centralized Control

Manage cluster access, permissions and resource limits in an intuitive control panel.

Faster Workflows

Automate and standardize deployment processes by defining your workflows in a declarative config that can be shared.

Pure Kubernetes

Use pure Kubernetes resources without having to deal with special annotations, custom resource definition etc.

Works with any Kubernetes cluster

or use our managed namespaces

Learn more about hosted Spaces

Isolated Spaces

Spaces are securely isolated Kubernetes namespaces. DevSpace lets you create Spaces for isolating different users or workloads and takes care of setting up the required RBAC rules, network policies, resource quotas, pod security policies etc.


Add users to your cluster

Generate an invite link and send it to a colleague.


Set user limits and permissions

Set resource limits and manage the cluster access for every user with an intuitive user interface.


Work together in shared clusters

Everyone on your team will be able to create Spaces and simply deploy and develop applications with Kubernetes.

Why developer teams love Spaces

$ devspace create space myapp

On-Demand Generation

Instead of having to manually configure cluster access for every user, DevSpace lets you add team members and allows them to create isolated namespaces when they need them.

No delay for developers. No manual effort for admins.

Fast Space Creation & Isolation

Every developer on your team can create Spaces with a single command using our open-source DevSpace CLI.

Access Token & Context Handling

For every Space, DevSpace automatically adds and updates the required kubectl contexts and cluster access tokens on the user’s computer.

Secure Encryption Key for Every User

DevSpace encrypts any access tokens for your clusters and can only access a cluster with the encryption key stored on the user’s computer.

Lean more about token encryption

Secure Namespace Isolation

DevSpace Cloud ensures that users cannot break out of their Spaces by isolating the Spaces.

Automatic RBAC & Network Policies

DevSpace Cloud automatically sets RBAC rules, configures network and pod security policies and more to isolate workloads and users.

Resource Limit Enforcement & Tracking

DevSpace Cloud enforces resource limits for every user and for every Space and keeps track of the resource consumption within your cluster.

Direct Cluster Access with your favorite tools

After creating a Space, users can use it as any regular Kubernetes namespace with the only difference that creating, deleting or modifying resources (e.g. pods, service) will be validated by the Admission Controller.

$ devspace deploy

Automated Deployment

DevSpace CLI lets you standardize the deployment process with a declarative config file, so everyone can deploy to Kubernetes with just a single command.

Standardized Deployment Workflow

By using DevSpace CLI as deployment tool, you can standardize deployments for everyone on your team. DevSpace CLI can build multiple images in parallel and even deploy dependent microservices from other repositories.

Deployment Worklow as Code

Save the declarative DevSpace config directly in your code repository together with your source code. This has the advantages that the deployment config is always versioned together with your code and can even be used in CI/CD pipelines.
$ devspace dev

In-Cluster Development

To see changes to your source code taking effect immediately, DevSpace CLI lets you develop your applications directly inside the Kubernetes cluster for even faster development cycles.

Hot Reloading via Real-Time Code Sync

DevSpace CLI synchronizes your source code between your local IDE and the containers running within your cluster to allow you to use hot reloading tools such as nodemon. Save a file and see the result without having to rebuild images and redeploy containers.

Terminal Proxy & Port Forwarding

DevSpace CLI also proxies your terminal and local ports, so you can run commands in the containers, access your app on localhost and debug directly with your IDE by setting breakpoints as you are used to with locally running applications.

Access deployments without hassle

DevSpace Cloud takes care of everything for you. Simply connect a domain and DevSpace Cloud will automatically assign a unique subdomain for every Space, configure a default ingress for the Space and secure it with the appropriate SSL certificate.

Automatic Subdomain

Visual Ingress Editor


Mac Terminal
Linux Bash
Windows Powershell
$ npm install -g devspace

What is a Space?

A Space is a cloud native workspace that lets you build, test and run code directly inside any Kubernetes cluster.

What is the DevSpace CLI?

The Swiss Army Knife for Kubernetes Developers. DevSpace CLI accelerates developing, deploying and debugging applications with Docker and Kubernetes.

What is the DevSpace Cloud?

The DevSpace Cloud lets you easily create and manage isolated Kubernetes namespaces for your team.

Do I need a Kubernetes cluster to use a DevSpace?

No! We recommend installing Docker but it is not required. If you do not have a Kubernetes cluster, simply use DevSpace Hosted Spaces.

Is the DevSpace CLI completly free and open source?

Yes! You can find the source code on GitHub. The tool is free to use in any private project and even in commercial projects.

How much does DevSpace Cloud cost?

Connecting your own Kubernetes cluster is free for up to 3 users.