Everything you need to build
cloud-native applications with Kubernetes

devspace create space my-app

Developer Platform for Kubernetes

Manages Spaces in KubernetesAdd dev tools to KubernetesEnables collaboration for teams
creates namespace and configures RBAC, domains etc.

CLI Tool for Cloud-Native Apps

Containerizes your projectsCreates Spaces for your projectsDeploys code to your Spaces
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devspace deploy my-app

Hosting Service for k8s Namespaces

Allows full access via kubectlAdds domains to your SpacesProvides SSL for your Spaces
or bring your own Kubernetes

The easiest way to use DevSpace.cloud is to get the ready-to-use Spaces. Just a create a Space and deploy your application with a single command. You do not
need your own Kubernetes cluster to use Spaces.

What are Spaces?

Spaces are smart namespaces in Kubernetes.

DevSpace.cloud lets you easily create Spaces and deploy your applications to these Spaces with a single command.

Learn more about Spaces

Get two FREE Spaces to start with.


forever free

Sleeps after 15min of inactivity10 GB of cloud storage1 GB of shared RAMFair-use shared CPUNo scaling of computing resources
You get 2 FREE Spaces


per Space / month

Never sleeps10 GB of cloud storage1 GB of dedicated RAM1/2 CPU (dedicated)Scalable computing resourcesProductive Spaces run on dedicated,
high-performance k8s servers
+ $1 10 GB Storage
+ $2 1 GB RAM
+ $5 1/2 CPU
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DevSpace.io is our fully managed Kubernetes hosting service. It is directly integrated with DevSpace.cloud and lets you start Spaces without having to manage your own Kubernetes cluster. Each Space will get a .devspace.io subdomain but you can also add custom domains.

DevSpace.cloud PREMIUM provides additional features for single developers or for members of a team. Such features include creating Spaces on external Kubernetes clusters which can be easily connected to DevSpace.cloud, team registries, team roles and more.

For Spaces hosted on DevSpace.io, PREMIUM and BASIC users pay the same monthly prices as described in DevSpace.cloud SPACES.
See Details of DevSpace.cloud SPACES

Get the most out of DevSpace.cloud with our PREMIUM features.


per month

Connect your own k8s clustersStart Spaces on your own clustersGet premium support
14 days FREE TRIAL


per member / month

Add external k8s clusters to teamsStart Spaces on your team’s clustersGet Premium support for your teamDefine user roles within your teamCreate registries for your teamUser management and team billing
3 months FREE for startups!
1 year FREE for students

DevSpace.cloud ENTERPRISE lets organizations run their own dedicated instance of DevSpace.cloud just for their development teams. Customers can choose between the CLOUD version which is completely managed by us or an ON-PREMISE version which runs on their own server infrastructure (public, private or hybrid-cloud).

A dedicated instance of DevSpace.cloud for your organization.


contact sales

Managed by DevSpace.cloud teamOperates on dedicated k8s clustersRuns on our cloud infrastructureIncludes PRO license for all users


contact sales

Managed by your IT teamsOperates on your own k8s clustersRuns on your public or private cloudIncludes PRO license for all users
support contract available
custom SLA available

Talk to a sales representative today:


Pricing Overview

Management UI
Personal Private Registries
Domain Connector
Automatic SSL Certificates
hosted on DevSpace.host
hosted on your clusters (external)
FREE$02 Spaces included
INDIVIDUAL$10per month
TEAM$14per user / month
CLOUDcontact salesrequest pricing
ON-PREMISEcontact salesrequest pricing
What is a Space?

A Space is a smart Kubernetes namespace that lets you build, test and run code in a truly cloud-native manner.

What is DevSpace CLI?

DevSpace CLI is an open-source, command-line tool that allows you to create Spaces and deploy your applications to those Spaces.

What is DevSpace.cloud?

DevSpace.cloud lets you easily create and manage hosted Spaces without the need to maintain your own Kubernetes cluster.

Do I need Docker or Kubernetes to use a Space?

You need to have Docker installed on your computer but you do not have to setup a Kubernetes cluster to work with a Space.

Is the DevSpace CLI completly free and open source?

Yes! You can find the source code on GitHub. The tool is free to use in any private and even in commercial projects.

How much does the DevSpace.cloud cost?

The DevSpace.cloud allows you to create
2 Spaces for FREE. Any additional Space will cost $12 / month.