What is DevSpace Cloud?

Securely provision Kubernetes namespaces for developers:

  • Secure Multi-Tenancy & Namespace Isolation ensure that cluster users cannot break out of their namespaces
  • On-Demand Namespace Provisioning allows developers to create isolated namespaces with a single command
  • >70% Cost Savings With Sleep Mode that automatically scales down pod replicas when users are not working

How does it work?

Strict Namespace Isolation

  • Automatic Service Account: every service account is restricted by RBAC to only access its namespace
  • Automatic RBAC (role-based access control) for every service account / namespace
  • Automatic Pod Security Policies to ensure that users cannot break out of their pod limits
  • Automatic Network Policies to isolate network traffic between namespaces (zero trust policy by default)
  • Automatic Resource Quotas to limit computing and storage resources available per user and namespace
  • Automatic Limit Ranges to automatically define resource limits for containers and pods
  • Admission Controller to validate every API server request and to perform extensive security checks

Admin UI for Managing Users & Permissions

  • Secure Invite Links for adding users to teams and clusters while performing secure token exchange
  • User Management that allows to set admins and to control who can access which cluster
  • Limit Configuration to define limits per namespace and user (e.g. X GB RAM, Y number of namespaces etc.)
  • Visual Ingress Manager that allows developers to easily and securely expose services with a few clicks

Great Developer Experience

  • On-Demand Namespace Creation and Automatic Isolation with a single command
  • Automatic kubectl Context Setup on the developer's machine (+ automatic context updates)
  • Automatic Subdomain(s) for Every Namespace to allow service access via ingresses
  • Single-Command Application Deployment via DevSpace CLI (optional)
  • In-Cluster Development with Hot Reloading of Containers via DevSpace CLI (optional)

Sleep Mode for Namespaces

  • >70% Savings on Cloud Infrastructure when cluster auto-scaling is enabled
  • Detects Namespace Inactivity (kube context not used for X minutes)
  • Automatically Scales Down Replicas to Zero (remembers original replica number and keeps persistent data and configuration)
  • Automatically Scales Up Replicas when developers start working again (e.g. running a kubectl, helm etc. command)

Ships Everything Your Team Needs

  • Automatic Ingress Controller Setup & Configuration (optional)
  • Automatic Cert Manager Setup & Configuration for automatic SSL certificate provisioning (optional)
  • In-Build Image Registry for Every Developer and Team (optional)
  • Self-Service Signup for Users via Email, GitHub or LDAP (optional)