Spaces are Kubernetes namespaces that are managed through DevSpace Cloud. DevSpace CLI lets you create a kube-context for a Space, so you can access it directly with any Kubernetes tool, e.g. kubectl, helm or kustomize.

Create Spaces

To create an isolated namespace inside any of your connect clusters, run:

devspace create space [space-name]
DevSpace Cloud - Create Space via CLI

List Spaces

devspace list spaces

Use the --all flag, if you are admin of a cluster or team and you want to see Spaces of others.

Use Spaces

devspace use space [optional:space-name]

Prefix the Space name with [username]: (e.g. john:space-1), if you are admin of a cluster or team and you want to use another user's Space.

Remove Spaces

devspace remove space [space-name]
Data Loss

Deleting a Space will also delete the underlying Kubernetes namespaces, including all the persistent volumes created through this Space. Your data will be lost forever and cannot be recovered.


After deleting the Space, DevSpace will also remove the kube-context from your local kube-config file.