SaaS vs On-Premise

You can either install and run DevSpace Cloud yourself (on-premise) or you can sign up for the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) edition of DevSpace Cloud. In both cases, you will need to create a Kubernetes cluster for your team and connect it to DevSpace Cloud.

SaaS EditionOn-Premise Edition
DevSpace Cloudruns on our serversruns on your servers
Connected Clustersruns on your serversruns on your servers
Comparison to CI/CDDevSpace Cloud SaaS is like using a hosted CI/CD system (e.g. GitHub Action) to deploy to your own Kubernetes clustersDevSpace Cloud On-Premise is like hosting your own CI/CD system (e.g. Jenkins) to deploy to your own Kubernetes clusters
  • DevSpace Cloud = Software that manages your connected clusters (consists of: Admin UI, API Server, Database)
  • Connected Clusters = Kubernetes clusters that you connect to DevSpace Cloud (will be used to create namespaces)

This is what happens when you run devspace create space my-namespace:

  1. The CLI will send a request to the API server of DevSpace Cloud.
  2. DevSpace Cloud will then create a namespace called my-namespace inside one of your Connected Clusters.
  3. DevSpace Cloud will return a service account token as a response to the API request.
  4. The CLI will configure a new kube-context using this service account token.
  5. You can use this kube-context to access the new namespace and deploy an application.

If you connect multiple clusters, the CLI will always ask you which one to use for creating the namespace.