Image Registry

SaaS edition This page only applies to the SaaS edition.

To make it easier for you to get started with Kubernetes, DevSpace Cloud provides a private Docker registry for you. This registry is called DevSpace Container Registry ( and allows you to push and pull images to private repositories.


Images in have the following format:[username]/[image-name]:[image-tag]


The authentication credentials for are automatically generated and fully managed by the CLI. That means the CLI will automatically retrieve and securely store your credentials when you login to DevSpace Cloud via:

devspace login

Push with Docker

If you have Docker installed, your credentials for will be securely stored using the Docker credentials store. This allows you to also manually push and pull images to/from using the familiar Docker commands:

docker build -t .
docker push

The commands shown above would, for example, build a Docker image with your local Docker daemon, tag it as and push it to afterwards.