Install DevSpace (CLI)

npm install -g devspace

Alternatively, you can simply download the binary for your platform from the GitHub Releases page and add this binary to your PATH.

Choose: SaaS vs On-Premise

You can either install and run DevSpace Cloud yourself (on-premise) or you can sign up for the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) edition of DevSpace Cloud. In both cases, you will need to create a Kubernetes cluster for your team and connect it to DevSpace Cloud.

SaaS EditionOn-Premise Edition
DevSpace Cloudruns on our serversruns on your servers
Connected Clustersruns on your serversruns on your servers
Comparison to CI/CDDevSpace Cloud SaaS is like using a hosted CI/CD system (e.g. GitHub Action) to deploy to your own Kubernetes clustersDevSpace Cloud On-Premise is like hosting your own CI/CD system (e.g. Jenkins) to deploy to your own Kubernetes clusters
  • DevSpace Cloud = Software that manages your connected clusters (consists of: Admin UI, API Server, Database)
  • Connected Clusters = Kubernetes clusters that you connect to DevSpace Cloud (will be used to create namespaces)

This is what happens when you run devspace create space my-namespace:

  1. The CLI will send a request to the API server of DevSpace Cloud.
  2. DevSpace Cloud will then create a namespace called my-namespace inside one of your Connected Clusters.
  3. DevSpace Cloud will return a service account token as a response to the API request.
  4. The CLI will configure a new kube-context using this service account token.
  5. You can use this kube-context to access the new namespace and deploy an application.

If you connect multiple clusters, the CLI will always ask you which one to use for creating the namespace.

Complete Setup

Why SaaS?

The SaaS edition of DevSpace Cloud is a good choice for:

  • teams that run Kubernetes clusters within a public cloud
  • teams that want to save the admin cost for maintaining and upgrading DevSpace Cloud
  • teams with less experience regarding Kubernetes administration
No Kubernetes Hosting

DevSpace Cloud does not offer Kubernetes hosting. Even with the SaaS edition, you need to connect your own clusters. See table above for details between SaaS Edition and On-Premise Edition.

To use the SaaS edition of DevSpace Cloud, you need to login via:

devspace login

If you don't have an account yet, click here to sign up for DevSpace Cloud.

Login via GitHub
DevSpace Cloud UI - Login via GitHub