Create Spaces

To create an isolated namespace inside any of your connect clusters, run:

devspace create space [space-name]
DevSpace Cloud - Create Space via CLI

Work with a Space

DevSpace will automatically configure a kube-context for your Space. That means you can use this Space with any Kubernetes tool (e.g. kubectl or helm) just like a regular namespace:

kubectl get pods
Kube-Context For Spaces

The kube-context of a Space only allows access to this namespace, i.e. you cannot access cluster-wide resources or resources of other namespaces. To switch your kube-context back to the admin context of the cluster, run:

devspace use context

This command will show a picker that lists all available kube-contexts (including the ones of your Spaces).

Useful commands

To switch to another (already existing) Space, run:

devspace use space [optional:space-name]

To list all your Spaces, run:

devspace list spaces

To remove a Space, run:

devspace remove space [space-name]